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Premium Trailer Sales in Gillette

Platinum Garage's neighbor and partner, Platinum Auto, now has trailers! Our licensed technician will repair your trailer so it’s ready to sell or look your vehicle over to ensure it can accommodate the kind of trailer you want to purchase. Platinum Garage also sells hitches, and can help you install them as well!

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Come see Ed Hitt at Platinum Garage for his extensive trailer expertise if you are looking to purchase.

Our team makes sure the trailer is in quality condition and is wired correctly so you can brake and signal without surprising the cars behind you. We offer a variety of trailer types, including:

  • New trailers

  • Dump trailers

  • Cargo trailers

  • ATV trailers

  • Goose Neck trailers

  • Car haulers

  • Garden trailers

  • Custom order trailers

  • And more!

Stop by our shop to purchase your next trailer or have yours repaired today.

Trailer Sales

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Whether your check engine light is on, or your diesel is blowing plumes of smoke, fill out the form below to schedule your appointment with us today! We'll start with a thorough diagnosis, let you know what we find, and come up with a game plan to get you back on the road safely in no time. Don't wait, call us at (307) 200-8321.

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