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5 Signs That It’s Time for a Full Engine Tune-Up

Whether you’re driving around a family heirloom that is decades old or you’re cruising in a brand new truck from the factory, eventually your vehicle’s engine is going to need a tune-up. For the best full-engine tune-up, you need an auto garage that offers premium full-service packages, which is why so many people trust Platinum Full Service Garage in Gillette. We specialize in both standard and diesel engines and provide comprehensive preventative maintenance that includes all the staples of tune-ups — replacing spark plugs, checking the wiring, replacing filters, assessing old or worn parts, and adjusting the ignition timing on older vehicles. Usually, prior to scheduling a tune-up, your vehicle will begin to exhibit certain symptoms that preclude a breakdown. While there are many red flags that merit a call to your auto garage, these are five of the most common signs that it’s time to schedule a full-engine tune-up in Gillette.


Engine Has Difficulty Turning Over

Whenever your vehicle has difficulty starting, it can be due to a number of the usual suspects, like a weakened battery or fuel pump. However, it’s also possible that your vehicle is experiencing a failure to launch due to an ignition problem, which is something that a tune-up will address directly. The best way to verify why your vehicle is having trouble getting out of the garage is to have the problem diagnosed by your trusted auto mechanic. The important thing is not to ignore this symptom for too long, because you could end up stranded at an inopportune time.

Frequent Engine Stalling

Whenever a vehicle begins stalling while it’s running, the culprit is usually faulty or failing spark plugs or dirty connectors. The reason that your vehicle is stalling is that the fuel that it needs to run is not sufficiently is not being ignited properly. Whenever your car or truck stalls, make note of the circumstances around the stall — did it happen when it was hot or cold? Was the air conditioner on full-blast? Factors like this can help your mechanic more accurately diagnose the problem.

Odd Knocking Sounds and Rough Acceleration

If you notice that your engine begins making knocking sounds while accelerating or ascending a hill, that is usually a surefire sign of an engine inefficiency. Similarly, if your vehicle tends to idle or accelerate very roughly, it can be a sign that one or several spark plugs are not doing their jobs. Often, a tune-up can address and solve this problem, but it could also be a signifier of another, more complex problem. The best way to determine this is to have your engine examined by our experienced mechanics.

Diminishing Gas Mileage

When it seems like you’re making trips to the gas station far more frequently than you used to, it is likely that your engine isn’t burning fuel in the way that it should be. Can you guess what might be to blame? If you said faulty or dirty spark plugs or fuel injection issues, then you’re correct! Thankfully, full engine tune-ups can check these issues and address them in no time, drastically improving your vehicle’s poor gas mileage.

Past Manufacturer’s Recommended Maintenance Timeline

This is the one that always gets people. Your vehicle may be showing no major signs that there is anything wrong, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that a tune-up isn’t in order. According to your car or truck’s manufacturer, there may be a prescribed timeframe after which they recommend a tune-up, essentially to function as preventative maintenance to avoid bigger problems down the road. Many older makes and models typically require a tune-up every 10,000 to 20,000 miles, while newer models can go as long as 100,000 miles before a tune-up is absolutely required. Check your manufacturer’s guidelines for these recommended tune-ups, or better yet, check with your trusted auto garage right here in Gillette if you’re unsure!

Fast, Friendly, and Professional Tune-Ups in Wyoming

For all of your standard and diesel engine needs in north-central Wyoming, you can trust the professional and licensed mechanics at Platinum Full Service Garage. Contact us today to schedule your tune-up! We look forward to getting your vehicle back up to its optimal performance levels.